About the Project

Queer River is a practice-led research project from Artist James Aldridge.

James Aldridge is a Wiltshire based Artist working with people and places. You can see his website here www.jamesaldridge-artist.co.uk and follow links to social media at the top of the page.

Queer River was initiated by James in 2020 as a way of exploring the relationship between the following:

  1. LGBT+ people’s experiences of rivers and other wetland environments
  2. Queer perspectives on Climate Justice
  3. The impact of the climate and ecological crisis on river ecosystems and communities
  4. Wetland Regeneration and Rewilding

James’s initial focus will be the Hampshire Avon, which flows from near his home in the Pewsey Vale in Wiltshire, down through Salisbury and Hampshire, to the sea at Christchurch, Dorset, and the Bristol Avon which flows west towards the city of Bristol and on to the sea at Avonmouth.

James will walk along these rivers with ecologists, archaeologists, artists and others, documenting journeys and conversations, before moving on to spark new collaborations with rivers and communities nationally.

Artwork made as part of Queer River will be shared at a range of sites and events. Please contact James to explore ways to collaborate, or to invite him to exhibit/present at your event.