Queer River

A practice-led research project from Artist James Aldridge

Why Queer?

In naming this research project, it’s not that I am calling rivers Queer, but my orientation towards them:

‘To queer something is to take a look at its foundations and question them…’

Charlie Glickman- Queer is a Verb

I want to explore how we can alter our perceptions of and relationship to rivers and other wetland environments, through dialogical, visual arts practice.

‘Art that is grounded in listening and witnessing, that allows us to slow down, open up and accept our place within vast interconnected systems, can change our way of seeing the world…’

Queer Nature

“We need guides to help us move through this liminality (and) we have a right to bring our gifts to the world.”

Timothy Morton

“The ecological view to come… is a vast, sprawling mesh of interconnection without a definitive centre or edge. The ecological thought is intrinsically Queer”

James Aldridge

“Binary distinctions divide and separate us through words and perceptions in a way that doesn’t fit the underlying reality. ”